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2006 PhD in Oceanography, Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
2000 MSc in Oceanography, Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
1998 BSc in Physics with Space Science and Technology, University of Leicester, UK

2020 – Honorary Professor, Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
2019- Principal Research Scientist, Ocean BioGeosciences, NOC
2012 – 2019 Senior Research Scientist, Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems, National Oceanography Centre (NOC), UK
2010-2012 NERC Research Fellow; Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems, NOC
2008-2009 Associate Research Scholar; Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University, USA
2006-2007 Post-doctoral Researcher; School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine, USA
2000-2002 Programme Manager for Earth Observation Science, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), UK

Awards and highlights:
2024 Received European Geosciences Union’s Fridtjof Nansen Medal
2018 Received Challenger Society for Marine Science fellowship award in biological oceanography
2017 Awarded European Research Council Consolidator Grant
2015 & 2016 Received Editors’ Citation for Excellence in Reviewing from Geophysical Research Letters
2015 Work with my PhD student on glider observations highlighted in Nature (Rumyantseva et al., 2015)
2015 Featured in Women in Oceanography special issue highlighting emerging and established talent
2012 Received European Geosciences Union’s Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientist
2010 Paper on trend detection selected by NASA as the top publication in the field of ocean biology and biogeochemistry for a White House Office of Science and Technology Policy report
2010 Received NOC’s Early Career Researcher Award
2009 Awarded NERC post-doctoral research fellowship

Funding summary:
2023-2026 PI: NERC Research Programme: Bio-Carbon: PARTITRICS – Particle transformation and respiration influence on ocean carbon storage, £2.3 million
2023-2028 Co-I: Schmidt Foundation VESRI grant: CALIPSO – Carbon Loss in Plants, Soils and Oceans, $10 million
2022-2027 Co-I and WP Co-Lead: EU Horizon Europe programme: OceanICU – Improving carbon understanding, €15 million
2022-2023 PI: NERC Research Programme: Bio-Carbon: BRICS – Biology’s Role In ocean Carbon Storage: a gap analysis, £250k
2022-2024 Co-I: NERC Research Programme: Bio-Carbon: GLOBESINK – Global ocean sinking carbon flux and variability, £250k
2020-2021 Co-I: NERC Research Programme: CELOS: Constraining the future of the Southern Ocean carbon sink, £350,000
2019-2023 Co-I and WP Co-Lead: EU Horizon 2020 Programme: COMFORT: Our common future ocean in the Earth system, €8.2 million
2018-2022 Co-I: NERC Research Programme: CUSTARD: Carbon Uptake and Seasonal Traits in Antarctic Remineralisation Depth, £2.1 million
2017-2022 PI: ERC Consolidator Grant: GOCART: Gauging Ocean organic Carbon fluxes using Autonomous Robotic Technologies, €2 million
2017-2021 Co-I: NERC Large Grant: COMICS: Controls over oceanic mesopelagic interior carbon storage, £3.5 million
2013-2016 Co-I: NERC Research Programme (Earth System Modelling strategy): Biological carbon pump assessment using the transport matrix method and global nutrient distributions, £393,000
2013-2017 Co-I: NERC Research Programme (Greenhouse Gases): Radiatively active gases from the North Atlantic region and climate change, £2.5 million
2011-2012 PI: NERC New Investigator Grant: Seasonal variability in the efficiency of upper ocean carbon export, £78,000
2009-2012 PI: NERC Research Fellowship: Role of phytoplankton community structure in determining the efficiency of the ocean’s biological carbon pump, £261,000
2008 PI: Collaborative Institute for Climate Studies Small Grant: Bloom dynamics in the North Atlantic: Model evaluation and effects of spatial resolution and formulation, US$83,000

Professional Activities:
2018- 2021 Lead Author on IPCC AR6 report: Chapter 5 ‘Global carbon and other biogeochemical cycles and feedbacks’
2020-2022 Member of selection committee for EGU’s Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky medal for Biogeochemistry
2020 Guest Editor of special issue in Deep Sea Research II on the COMICS programme
2020- Associate Editor of Global Change Biology
2019 – Member of Integrated Ocean Carbon Research group, producing vision report for IOC
2019 Guest Editor of special issue in Progress in Oceanography on the Porcupine Abyssal Plain observatory
2017-2019 Member of the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry program’s Ocean Time Series Committee
2016 Invited workshop of the World Climate Research Programme’s Grand Challenge on carbon feedbacks in the climate system
2016 Invited workshop of the International Atomic Energy Agency on the application of radionuclides in studies of the carbon cycle
2015-2016 Member of the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research working group on long-term changes in plankton biodiversity
2015-2019 Member of the International Ocean Color Coordinating Group’s working group on ocean colour applications for biogeochemical modelling
2014-2017 Member of the UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership Steering Committee
2013-2017 Member of the Science Advisory Board, Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science, Plymouth, UK
2012-2015 Member of the International Ocean Color Coordinating Group’s working group on ocean colour essential climate variables
2012- Member of the NERC’s peer review college
2012- PhD thesis examiner (4 external, 2 internal to date)
2010-2012 Chair of the Challenger Society’s special interest group on Marine Optics

Teaching activities:
2022 Instructor at international school: Ramon Margalef Colloquium on Past, Present and Future Oceans, Spain
2013- Principal Lecturer: Remote Sensing of the Oceans, graduate level course at University of Southampton
2016 & 2017  Instructor at international advanced school: Global Greenhouse Gases, Southampton
2016  Instructor at ‘Marine Ecology and the Earth System’ spring school, Bristol
2014  Instructor at international advanced school: Frontiers in Ocean Optics and Ocean Colour Science, France
2012  Instructor at international advanced school: Methods and Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing in African Coastal and Regional Seas, Morocco
2011-2014  Instructor at NERC Earth System Science spring school, UK

Organisation of scientific meetings:
2023 Organising Committee: Ocean Twilight Zone workshop, WHOI, USA
2021 Session Chair: “Unravelling the ecology and biogeochemistry of the mesopelagic zone”, ASLO, Spain
2020 Session Chair: “Quantifying carbon export pathways in the global ocean”, Ocean Sciences, USA
2019 Session Chair: “The multiple pathways of the biological carbon pump: current understanding and future challenges”, IMBER Open Future Oceans, France
2016 Session Chair: “Marine Biogeochemistry”, Challenger Society Biennial Conference, Liverpool
2016 Session Chair: “How do the carbon pumps pump? Mechanisms of the solubility and biological pumps”, Ocean Sciences, USA
2012, 2016 National Organising Committee, Challenger Society Biennial Conference
2012 Local Organiser, NERC Earth System Science spring school, Southampton
2012 Session Chair: “Plankton phenology: Drivers, variability and impacts”, Ocean Sciences, USA
2011 Conference Organiser, Advances in Marine Biogeochemistry conference

Institutional responsibilities:
2021- Member of NOC merit promotion panel
2020- Member of NOC grant demand management panel
2018-2019 External representative on CEH individual merit promotion panel
2015-2017 Member of NERC individual merit promotion panel
2012-2022 Member of the NOC Ownership and Governance committee
2011-2021 Chair of PhD candidate interview panel
2011-2018 Member of the advisory committee for the Graduate School of NOCS
2011-2013 Organiser of the flagship external speaker seminar series, NOCS

Outreach and public engagement:
2023 Panellist on BBC Bitesize careers event at Southampton school
2023 Contributor to popular science books ‘Blue Machine’ by Helen Czerski and ‘Princess Olivia and the Sea of Plastic’ by Lucy Hawking
2022 ‘Into the Blue‘ podcast on the ocean’s twilight zone
2020 & 2022 Noel Turner Science Festival – plankton poo activity for school children on the Isle of Wight
2021-2022 Digital Ambassador for STEM careers – linking to primary school children throughout Hampshire
2021 Lecture to local WI group on oceans and climate change
2021 Winchester Science Centre – careers interviews with children
2021 Podcast with Go2Qurious for Australian Science Week on Earth’s Amazing Carbon Cycle
2020 I’m a Scientist – Get Me Out of Here! – series of interactive chats with school children
2020 Royal Institution Christmas lecture participant
2020 Science Shambles podcast on plankton poo
2018-2019 Blue Dot Festival at Jodrell Bank Observatory – display and activities on plankton poo
2017 Science Uncovered at the Natural History Museum – activity on the biological carbon pump
2017 Operation Earth musuem show – filming for touring interactive exhibit
2017 Innovate UK podcast on ocean robotics
2016 Cheltenham Science Festival – panel member in audience led ‘Ocean Debate’
2016 Pint of Science – interactive presentation on the future ocean
2015 Featured in BBC documentary ‘The Spectrum of Science’ discussing phytoplankton
2015 Reuters news editorial on biological carbon pump
2015 Panel member at Ocean Debate hosted by London’s Royal Institution
2015 Public lecture at the London Institute of Physics
2014-2016 Instructor in European Space Agency open online course on climate change
2013 Exhibitor at London’s Big Bang Science fair on satellite observations
2011 Public lecture for U3A group, Nottinghamshire
2011 Instructor at the London International Youth Science Forum
2010- Contributor to NOC’s annual Ocean and Earth Science open days

Keynote Talks and Invited Seminars:
– Medal Lecture: – EGU presentation of Fridtjof Nansen Medal, Austria
-Invited Keynote: Ocean Twilight Zone symposium, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
-Invited Seminar: Department of Earth Science, University of Oxford
-Invited Seminar: WHOI-MIT Graduate Seminar Series
-Invited Seminar: NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry
-Invited Keynote: iFAST-Marine: Environment and Ecosystem Symposium, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China (virtual)
– The Challenger Lecture, University of East Anglia (virtual)
– Invited Seminar: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
– Invited Keynote: Challenger Society Biennial Conference, Newcastle, UK
– Invited Keynote: Ocean Deoxygenation: Drivers and Consequences, Kiel, Germany
– Invited Keynote: Gordon Research Conference on Chemical Oceanography, New Hampshire, USA
– Invited Seminar: University of Liverpool
– Invited Keynote: Time series analysis in environmental science and applications to climate change, Tromso, Norway
– Invited Keynote: Gordon Research Conference on Ocean Biogeochemistry, Hong Kong
– The Challenger Lecture, Southampton, UK
– Invited Keynote: Modelling a living planet symposium, Princeton, USA
– Invited Keynote: OceanSITES workshop, Southampton, UK
– Invited Keynote: Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry workshop, Woods Hole, USA
– Invited Seminar: Max Planck Institut fuer Meteorologie, Hamburg, Germany
– Invited talk: Institute for Life Sciences, Southampton, UK
– Invited Keynote: Extended Ellett Line workshop, Oban, UK
– Invited Seminar: Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
– Invited Keynote: Royal Society, London as part of the Challenger prospectus meeting
– Invited Seminar: Dalhousie University, Canada
– Invited Seminar: Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada
– Invited Keynote: Ocean Optics XXI, UK
– Invited talk: EGU – presentation of Outstanding Young Scientist award, Austria
– Invited Seminar: University of Liverpool, UK
– Invited Seminar: University of East Anglia, UK
– Invited Seminar: University of Bristol, UK
– Invited talk: Earth System Science Summer School, Cambridge, UK
– Invited Seminar: Department of Earth Sciences, Boston University, MA
– Invited Seminar: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK
– Invited Seminar: NIOZ, Texel, The Netherlands
– Invited Seminar: Department of Geosciences, Princeton University, NJ
– Invited Seminar: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University, NJ
– Invited Seminar: NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Monterey, CA
– Invited Seminar: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Monterey, CA
– Invited Seminar: School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine, Orono, ME
– Invited Seminar: College of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
– Invited Seminar: NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Newport, OR